Friday, November 17, 2017

Password Security And Access Just Got Better

18, November 2017: So many times have passwords been forgotten with the multitude of usernames, emails, bank accounts, passwords and membership IDs to remember every day. How much time has been lost trying to recover a new code for every lost password? Isn’t it tiring to have so many credit cards and membership cards in one wallet? GID is the best solution for these problems. Subscribing for a GID account will have a lot of services to make life easier and more secure! GID stands for Global Identity, the GID number is an alphanumeric code generated from the user biometric data to access different kinds of services. The code is generated using a proprietary algorithm. GID Mobile interface is made available for IOS and Android. Gain access to the platform with your GID Number or with your fingerprint using the USB fingerprint device and link all your information and accounts all over the world to one code.

Life’s unpredictability can lead us to face tough and unexpected situations. GID gives the chance to face situations of emergency rapidly and with efficacy through a simple system. During dangerous sudden illness, such as a stroke, a heart attack or an anaphylactic shock, being allowed to quickly access the medical history of the person hit by these events could be helpful for emergency staff to handle the problem. This does mean that it’s vital to know the blood group of the patient in case he has an important loss of blood or to be warned about allergies if the person needs dosing of drugs, avoiding errors that could take out his life. Let's imagine that Mister John is walking in a park with his granddaughter Mary. The man falls down losing consciousness; many people come across and call the emergency number, after a while, an Ambulance arrives. The first medical operator will be concerned about taking notes about the consciousness of the man, as usual in this kind of events. A second medical operator will use John’s fingerprint in order to know about the historical medical reports and figure out quickly, the reason of the collapse. On the screen, data about John will be immediately available to the medical operators. He’s diabetic, Insulin dependent. Medical operators immediately control blood sugar. John is on hypoglycemia. He will be quickly treated following protocol’s rules. What has been possible to create in this situation is a speeding up and an accuracy of treatment thanks to the support of GID

Differently from other codes, the GID is not generated from a anagraphic information but from the user’s biometrics. The code is generated from a letter and two numbers for a total of 15 characters which are automatically generated from fingerprints. It is easy and unique since there is no fuss about remembering it. Even if forgotten, access can be gained with fingerprint. The code is stored in servers once generated for easy access by users for different kinds of services whether personal, administrative or commercial. Every user will get an USB fingerprint scanner to sign up and easily access to the service through a web interface. The GID sensor is designed in order to easily generate the GID number and the associated account. Using the fingerprint, the user can access a complete universe of services that are constantly evolving. The light turns green when the login will be successful or red if there is a problem with the recognition of the fingerprint (for instance unknown user, problem with the fingerprint device). Privacy settings will allow the user to manage its privacy, through a user-friendly, easy-to-use interface, choosing the settings which prefers. Together with the GID number, users will get a GID email easy to remember and unique. It can be accessed using just fingerprints with no password entry. They will also get a messenger account associated to their GID number valid all over the world. Good thing there is no hassle of changing phone or operator. With GID, users can connect to all their social profiles and can be found using their GID number and so much more! What’s more, a GID card that can be used to access exclusive offers, discounts and subscriptions to national and international partners, services just by scanning the QR code on it. It’ll be automatically generated upon the new account registration.

Help provide support to develop this software and manufacture the product in Shenzhen, China with a team of designers and programmers who will be able to deliver the software in six months without delay. They plan to proceed with a slow pace in order to get the right focus to priorities, without wasting precious time. They are conscious about the challenges that may surface for some of the products. That is why they will take a little bit more time for some services, to be able to manage them separately and to exploit synergies to be created at the starting point. Once GID services is launched, the next step will be expanding globally with more expectations such as GID SDK where users will be able to join new websites and platforms with the unique ID, letting them not waste their time with annoying procedures of registration. Also, GID Online payments will allow users to make payments through the internet with this technology, which guarantees high levels of security.

Milad Botros is the founder and CEO of GID and works with the team of Blue Crunch software Development Company. Their hope is to make a pledge goal of €25,000. Milad said “First thing first: thanks to all those people who have supported us until now, your backup is greatly appreciated! We are currently engaged in a new marketing campaign to appeal more possible backers and to keep our project fresh and updated. We know it's an ambitious project, but we are and we will be working hard to keep faith to all our promises.” The future of GID has no limit and can embody any future technology. Support this project today and help make life easier and secure.

To make all this a reality, pledge and support this software project. Visit to find out how you can get involved. For more information or enquiry visit or reach out at

Media Contact: Milad Botros

Austin Ice Cream Truck Manufacturer Announces New Solar Panels Mounted on Roof

Austin Texas; 17, November 2017: Itamar enterprises an Ice cream truck manufacturer in Austin Texas formally announces new roof top mounted solar panels. This new product was designed with ice cream lovers in mind, in other for ice cream manufacturers to be able to meet with their clients and customers demand for the best varieties of ice cream.

The company also offers a comprehensive wide range and result oriented devices for over three decades. In a recently completed meeting, The CEO said; “In keeping with a long tradition, we now have Ice cream trucks with new roof top mounted solar panels. This will help ice cream producers to meet with their customer’s continuous demand for ice creams at a low cost. Best of all the roof mounted solar panels are available at reasonable prices”.

Itamar Enterprises is open to serve the public between 8am and 6pm, from Monday to Saturday to provide clients and prospect with the best service they can get.

About Local City Ice Cream:

Itamar Enterprises, world-class ice cream truck manufacture from a small town in Texas, is an indigenous company that manufactures exclusive trucks for ice cream sellers to be able to convey their product easily. The company has earned numerous international and national “First Place” and “World’s Best” awards for its premium products. Itamar Enterprises also services all business area in Texas to other states as far west as Illinois. They also sell varieties of ice cream flavor to customers and clients in Texas. For more information on this service provision, please, feel free to use the contact information below.

For Media Contact:
Itamar Enterprises
302 Cody Lane
Killeen, TX 76542
Phone: (512)777-9988

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Sunless Tanning Company Announces Plans To Expand Into All San Diego Areas.

San Diego, California; 16, November 2017: The popular sunless spray tanning company Glo on the go San Diego has announced their plans to expand their mobile sunless tanning services into all areas that lay in the San Diego region. As of yesterday their sunless tanning business in San Diego mostly only catered to the East County, South Bay and Central areas of San Diego. Now Glo on the go San Diego caters to all areas. And this is quite exciting for the staff and owner of Glo on the Go San Diego. 

“I cannot even describe just how thrilled that I am to say that we are now expanding into North County, mountains and even deserts on some occasions. Up until now we only catered to the South County and Inland areas.” 

When asked how they will be able to cater to the broader marketplace in San Diego the owner said; “We are already really popular in the areas that we provide sunless tanning services in, and now we are ready to expand and take the next step, which is to expand into the other markets.” 

Glo on the go San Diego provides a multitude of highly specialized sunless tanning and beauty services as part of their normal services. And now they will be able to provide these services to an even more diverse market, including places that you would not expect to see sunless tanning services. 

“You will be surprised who is hiring our sunless tanning services these days. Men in particular are using our service because of the confidence that can be felt when the skin color matches. And really our service adds “that Glow” that so many are looking for. With this new service we will meet every sunless tanning in San Diego need”. The owner concluded in an interview this week. 

About Glo on the go San Diego: 

Glo on the go San Diego is a mobile tanning service that provides a wide range of tanning services to meet all of the needs of San Diego residents. The company has a great reputation in the social media sites and offers discounts when more than one service is purchased. Interested people can visit their website here: 

For Media Contact:
Company: Glo On The Go San Diego
Phone: 619-206-5921

Wide Range of Stainless Steel Bearings & Ceramic Bearings Now Available With MAG Bearing

15, November 2017: Industries require ball bearings and roller bearings made of different materials. MAG Bearing can supply different types of ball bearings with a variety of specifications and they announce the availability of bearings made of stainless steel, ceramic and other materials. These ball bearings are made of high quality materials and offer a stable performance because of their precise engineering. 

The company has an extensive range of Stainless Steel Bearings from different series and which have different specifications. These bearings are highly durable, have an extremely smooth surface and have an excellent resistance against corrosion. These bearings are more suitable for applications where exposure of water and moisture is more common. According to the spokesperson of the company, they are supplying these steel bearings to a number of clients, engaged in the food and beverage production. These bearings are also more commonly used in medical equipments and medicine manufacturing equipments. 

They also have Ceramic Bearings in different shapes and sizes and with different rolling or movement mechanisms. The spokesperson maintains that they offer clients a wide range of choices to select the best ceramic ball bearings for their industrial applications. They have ceramic ball bearings for unitstrings, single direction thrust bearings of ceramic, self-aligning ceramic ball bearing, angular contact ball bearing of ceramic, deep groove ceramic ball bearing and so on. These ball bearings made of ceramic have important applications in many industries and MAG Bearing can supply ceramic ball bearings of different specifications in bulk quantity to industries all around the world. 

MAG Bearing also announces the availability of different types of spherical Plain Bearings in their stock. One can choose from different series of bearings with spherical plain thrust and angular contact specifications. The spokesperson reveals that these spherical bearings feature a unique design with their inner rings have a sphered convex outside surface and the outer ring have correspondingly sphered concave inside surface. This exceptional design allows a suitable bearing arrangement for accommodating an appropriate alignment movement between the shaft and the housing. 

One can check the different ball bearings made of stainless steel and ceramic available with them by visiting the website 

About MAG Bearing: 

Motion & Gear Bearing (a.k.a MAG bearing) is an international bearing distributor located in the center of a global innovation hub-Shanghai. The factory is located in Wafangdian, a city famous for ball bearing industry since last century. Established in 1992, the company now has more than 500 employees, possesses more than 300 equipments and over CNY 50 million Yuan fixed assets. The factory covers an area of 5000M2, and its floor space covers 3000M2. 

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Athena Fang
Company: MAG Bearing
Phone: 86-21-64867618

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Pro's On Call in Texas Sets Up Hotline to Help Out Parents When Children Are Locked Inside Cars

16, November 2017: There is nothing more traumatizing for Texas parents than getting locked out of their own car with a child trapped inside. The temperatures inside the car are almost twice as much as that outside. There are rules in many states against this – parents are not supposed to leave a small child, 8 years or younger, alone in a car. However, this is something that happens all the time. Dozens of children die every year because of parents leaving them behind in the car, losing their car keys and getting themselves locked out.

Pros on call, a popular full-service locksmith company in the State of Texas has been at the forefront of the campaign to warn parents against the consequences of leaving a child behind in the car. They have also been running adverts warning pet owners against leaving a pet cat or dog behind in the car. The company has announced that they would be setting up a dedicated 24/7 hotline to deal with such situations.

Daniela Brito, manager of Pro's On Call said at a media event, “As you are aware, we have been doing everything possible to warn parents and pet owners about why they should never leave a child or pet behind in a car while they go out to run an errand. This is dangerous, especially if they were to get locked out with the car keys inside, or because of having lost the car keys. That’s why we have set up a dedicated 24/7 hotline for such incidents. We request all parents and pet owners to save this number in their phone: (888) 601-6005 and call us in case of an emergency. We will be sure to dispatch a locksmith technician immediately and he will be at your location within 30 minutes of your call. Also, please note – we don’t charge anything in situations when a child’s life is at stake.”

About Pros On Call Locksmith:

Pros On Call is a leading commercial locksmith company that offers a range of security solutions to local businesses. Pros On Call is a family owned and operated business, highly regarded for their prompt customer service and quick response time. They provide a full range of commercial locksmith services.

For Media Contact:
Phone: (888) 601-6005

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Exp Led Mirror Releases New Designs of Wall Mounted Led Lights

11, November 2017: LED lights have come as a revolution. They have been quite different from traditional forms of lighting. These lights are eco-friendly and provide excellent lighting in different areas of the house. It is important to buy lights from a professional seller in order to get the value for money. There are various companies that have been selling interesting designs of LED lights and one of them is Exp LED Mirror.

Modern designs of LED mirrors are mainly used in bathrooms or makeup tables. They help in improving the look of the areas as well as prove to be useful. Wall Mounted Lighted Mirror is frameless and it comes with a 5mm silver polishing. Though the mirror has a steel base but it tends to be durable enough as it is rust resistant. It is important to make a research before buying these lights. The entire look of the house depends on the kind of lights people select. The makeup area in the bedroom changes the appearance of the bedroom. Including a well designed wall mounted LED light can make completely transform the look of the bathroom.

Buyers can have a look at to check out the complete description of the LED mirror. Along with the makeup table these mirror lights also prove to be useful for the bathroom. If you plan a proper design for the bathroom and focus on the lighting then you can use these mirrors in the areas where you have hand wash. You can also use them in other areas where you need wall mounted lighting.

Exp LED Mirror sells these lights through Amazon and makes sure that the durability quotient is maintained. Energy efficiency is an important aspect that makes LED lights much better than the traditional lighting systems. Buyers can go through the features mentioned on Amazon and buy the product once it meets their requirements. Going through the reviews helps in making a smart purchase. The item is light in weight and it shipped to almost every part of the world. Installation is pretty easy and the buyers can install them without the need of the professionals.

There are regular discounts going on and the buyers can get the lights at lesser rates. Though the products are available at discounted rates but there is no compromise on the quality front. Buyers can also ask their questions on Amazon and the sellers will get their queries solved. There is also the colour temperature along with LED shock resistance. The mirrors are also finger print free.

About Exp LED Mirror:

Exp LED Mirror sells different designs of wall mounted mirrors. They have been in this field for a long time now. In order to get in touch with the company and to have a look at the product the buyers can visit the above mentioned website.

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Company: Exp LED Mirror

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Songs That Connect East and West - A Rare Blend Of Western And Indian Temple Music

10, November 2017: Dream Merchants Entertainment introduces the soundtrack of the feature film, “The Kamasutra Garden”. The film revolves around the story of the world’s only brothel where the women are trained in the ancient art and science of love making called “Kamasutra”. The film follows an award winning filmmaker, William Thomas and his visit to the Kamasutra Garden (a brothel in Nevada). Song tracks can be reviewed at youtube Link:

Apart from the great concept of the feature film, one of the main reasons why the said film is worth to watch is its great soundtracks. The songs are composed by talented musicians Peter Lam, ArpitGandhi and Perry Woo with Riju R. Sam as the lyricist. The album is composed of 8 songs with the titles “Halloween Trick or Treat”, “Love Song”, “This is my Temple”, “Goodbye Song”, “Om KamadevayaVidmahe”, “Hare Rama Hare Krishna”, “Hey Mahaprabho” and “Love Song” (Bonus Track).

Each track is a combination of the music of the east and the west, two different music genres that blends to create a divine harmony. Together with the amazing voice of the singers and the meaning behind the lyrics of the songs, the music in the feature film “The Kamasutra Garden” is indeed a “Music for your Soul”. The album is available for purchase in music stores worldwide. To listen to the song tracks, please visit

The rare blend of western and Indian music combination makes this music album a valuable and a collectible copy.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Carole Rose
Company: Dream Merchants Entertainment
Phone: 1-813-400-3338